Progress in Addis and the North

Lou Kassa

Lou Kassa

December and January have seen great progress in our vision to remove the Tigray and Amhara from the list of unreached peoples.

The believers in Addis Ababa have formed into three home churches. From Lou:

The ministry is going well both in the north and here in Addis. The three home churches are up and running here in Addis. There are six people meeting in each of the home churches currently… The morale and excitement among them is remarkable. We are studying about Christian community together. [December 22, 2013]

HC in Addis

A home church in Addis

Lou and Genet have also been making rounds in Bahir Dar and Kosober in the North, meeting with home church leaders, attending home church meetings and making new contacts. More from Lou:

I was in Bahir Dar last week visiting the work there. I was present in a meeting of home church leaders for all the eleven home churches. They were giving status updates on their home churches and also presented challenges they have encountered. It was very exciting not only to hear about how many new people visited and how many accepted Christ, but also to hear them describe real challenges they face and how they are trying to solve them on their own. Overall in the last three months in all the eleven home churches six new people came to Christ and as many as twelve new people visited for the first time. It is remarkable. [December 22, 2013]

A meeting in Bahir Dar

A meeting in Bahir Dar

Another place where God is doing a great work is the city of Kosober. It is located about 100km southwest of Bahir Dar. The home church started this year after our last training in February. A couple came to our training and went back and started a home church in their home. In August when we were still in the states their number was seven. In the last four months or so they got some help from another couple who moved there from a nearby town and currently there are 17 people meeting in two home churches. [December 22, 2013]

They are now 25 in number in two home churches. [December 28, 2013]

A home church in Kosober

A home church in Kosober

We just concluded our retreat today. I am still in Bahir Dar. I will be heading back to Addis Thursday. We had a great retreat time. God really used this time to bring us even closer. We got to discuss our strategy in detail and came out with a workable plan to plant home churches in new places as well as strengthening the existing ones… The elders got to see the way forward and are very excited about it. Thank you all for praying. It was an answer to our prayers. [January 28, 2014]

The ministry is moving along at a formidable pace.  Praise God. Please help the work by praying.

Prayer Points: Thanksgiving

  • Three new home churches in Addis Ababa!
  • Two new home churches in Kosober!
  • Two home churches in Dangla (90 km from Bahir Dar)
  • Successful planning trips to Bahir Dar, Kosober, and other towns in the North

Prayer Points: Requests

  • Spiritual health and growth for the home churches
    • 11 in Bahir Dar
    • 3 in Addis Ababa
    • 2 in Kosober
  • The Kassas need a house helper. Pray that they could find an honest, capable woman
  • The home churches in Bahir Dar are trying to raise money to complete a church building to house central teachings and training classes
  • Planning
    • Student ministry – a curriculum for younger children
    • Teaching material for the home churches
    • Finding former Bethel members in towns in the North who would like to start home churches