How far have we come?


In September 2013, Lou and Genet Kassa returned to Ethiopia and to the people with whom they began their spiritual lives, Bethel Church. At that time Bethel had been faithfully serving the Lord and teaching the good news of Jesus for sixteen years. But both they and the Kassas sensed that God was opening the door for a broader vision: removing the Amhara and Tigre peoples in Northern Ethiopia from the list of unreached people groups.

Here are some highlights from the last eight months

We have come farther than anyone anticipated.

  • In September 2013, there were 11 home churches in 3 cities (8 home churches in Bahir Dar).  There are now 21 home churches in 5 cities with more church plants in more cities in the works.
  • Both the cities of Addis Ababa and Kosober have established home churches for the first time and both now have three groups.
  • Since September, 33 people have begun a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Training seminars have been conducted to supplement the individual ministry training that happens every day throughout the Bethel churches.
  • Lou has developed training materials along with the elders of Bethel that both provides a standard equipping strategy and clarifies Bethel’s philosophy of ministry.
  • Plans for starting a dedicated youth ministry and for expanding into more cities have been laid and are already being carried out.

Without a doubt, the Holy Spirit is at work in Northern Ethiopia!

Lou and the elders of Bethel Church

Lou and the elders of Bethel Church


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for an update about a recent visit to Ethiopia by some of Xenos’ leadership.