Lalibela Vista

The vision to reach Northern Ethiopia for Christ grew organically

from the inception and ministry of Bethel Church beginning in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Bethel Church believes they can play a key role in Amahara and Tigray society as an indigenous, non-institutional church.

Two of Bethel’s leaders, Lou and Genet Kassa, were living in the U.S. at a time when Bethel was looking for new ways of reaching the people of Northern Ethiopia. Bethel Church and the Kassas became intrigued with the house-based church model, but were unsure of it’s practical usefulness. At that time, the Kassas found Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio. Xenos began as a house church and has kept house churches as its primary ministry model for decades. This seemed to be a providential meeting by all parties and in 2012 Bethel Church and the Kassas partnered with Xenos to accomplish their vision.

Xenos’ role is to support the work of Bethel Church, primarily by providing training and by providing financial and pastoral help for the Kassas.